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Demolition Equipments


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 Demolition Equipments

 Advanced Demolition Systems



The multifunction shear Company is the best expression of functionality and versatility

The MC series satisfies every need and every situation during demolition works.

Besides the machine has two big hydraulic cylinders and a 360° rotation.

• MC series is equipped with PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) system,

• a structure entirely made inHARDOX and WELDOX;

• the machine has two powerful cylinders;

• some models have a regenerative installation;

• hydraulic Rotation;

• an integrated hydraulic installation per-mits to the shear to make a 360° rotation

in both directions to have a fast, accurateand efficient positioning of the jaws in any working condition.

• It is suitable for operators who are goingto use excavators with very long arms.

• mechanical rotation: a clutching installation permits a continuous 360° rotationin both directions.

It is ideal for excavators which do not have a rotation installation.

PULVERIZER KIT It is particularly indicated for secondary demolition: it separates rods from concrete.


It is ideal for mixed demolitions: concrete and metallic structures.


It has been designed for cutting ferrous materials: structural steel, pipelines, tanks, sheets and ferrous carcasses.


It has been designed for primary demolition: demolition of concrete structures.


This kit permits to cut sheets on the ground and at the same time to demolish metallic tanks: precise cutting and without



Martelos Hidraulicos


Our ten years experience in the manufacturing of hydraulic

demolition tools parts for the most famous brand in the world

connected to a huge request fromour customers has brought LC

DEMOLITION EQUIPMENT to develop hydraulic hammers and

to make its investments on them.

There are two series: EASY for not pressured installations and the HM

(High manufacturing) for pressured installations of new generation.

This last introduces the concept of manual variable hits, it means that the

operator with a simple regulation can modify the ratio frequency/hit energy.

When the material is very hard, the operator can reduce the hits number

and increase the energy. When thematerial is less hard, it can increase

the frequency reducing progressively the discharged energy on the tool.

This technology guarantees a hugeproductivity increase.

HM series has an innovative hydraulicintegrated system which cancels in vain hits, avoiding tools, pistons andblock tools breaks.

HM demolition tools have anintegrated hydraulic shock absorber

system in the mechanic installationand one external, to preserve the

equipment and its operator fromvibrations.

A closed case together with a shockabsorbers system contains the noise

lower than the limited established bythe law in force- in this way they can

work in the cities.

There is also an innovative systemthat prevents the accidental entrance

of external parts in the demolition toolparts in movement, guaranteeing a

bigger duration of the equipment.

The technology, the quality of LC DEMOLITION EQUIPMENT products

are synonymous of high productivityand reliability.








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